I am your child’s teacher, and it’s time for you to know the truth.

I can’t do this job.

I am educated. I have three degrees, one of which is a Masters in Education. I can’t do this job.

I have experience. I have been teaching for nearly two decades. I can’t do this job.

I care about my students (though some strangers on social media sometimes like to say I don’t). I care so much that my own children get jealous. I can’t do this job.

The school’s a great place. Such a loving community. Your child loves working in the class. Everyone seems to be learning. I can’t do this job.

It’s time for you to know the truth.

I can’t do this job because there are 35 children in the classroom and it’s impossible to do what the ministry of education says teachers do with that number of children.

I can’t do this job because I have taken many workshops to learn about helping children with needs such as ESL, ASD, ADD, and SPD, but that does not make me an expert. It only makes me aware.

The Ontario government wants me to be quiet. Who wants to think their child’s teacher can’t do their job, after all? They are counting on my pride to cover their disregard for your children. They are counting on me to cover for them, to pretend that everything is okay. But it’s time for you to know the truth. It’s time for us all to tell the truth. It’s not okay. Not even close.

We can’t do this job, because this job used to be the job of an ESL teacher, an occupational therapist, an educational assistant, a learning support teacher, and speech and language pathologist. This used to be the job of other experts as well, who I haven’t even seen or had access to in ages.

We want the same thing as you do – a safe place for your children to be cared for every day. A place where they feel valued and are attended to. A place where they can actually learn and not just be managed or warehoused.

We are standing up for this by demanding that our government address class overcrowding and the over $22.5 million that has been cut from special education budgets, which affects everyone’s ability to receive a quality education.

Stand with us and be counted. We want to do this job. This is OUR Ontario. Together we are strong. Let’s be heard.

Find your MPP:

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

Liz Sandals, Minister of Education

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