Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Reorganization day has come and gone in our school board and people are feeling the pinch. The pinch of not enough dollars and not enough people to support a growing number of needs in the classroom. Enough is definitely not enough.

Apparently there is enough money for government errors and enough people in the Education Minister’s office to spread half-truths about the negotiating process – just enough of the truth to get the media listening, and just enough of the not truths to make education workers look badly.

I read a piece this week written by a teacher, who I do not know, but I know her kind (the good kind), who was deeply concerned about the effects of the reorganization day on her students. She had lost more time with support from an Educational Assistant (time that was already too short to help all the students who needed help). She was asked to do more with less – yet again.

That seems to be a theme with education these days – do more and more with less and less. Less money, less supports, less respect – more students, more needs, more derisive comments from our government.

The short-sightedness in the constant hacking of our education system is appalling (these are not cuts, they are wound creating, permanently scarring amputations) .

Educators deserve better. Students deserve better. The education system, the one that good societies are built on, deserves so much better.

Oh, and have I mentioned the large number of educators who are doing all this without a contract?

By Paula Turner

taken from the (mom)ents online blog