Keep Hydro Public

Keep Hydro Public 2

Kathleen Wynne wants to sell off Hydro One with no mandate from the people who own it – The people of Ontario.

That is why, this afternoon, I put forward a bill calling for a referendum on Kathleen Wynne’s attempt to sell off Hydro One.

This is what Ontarians in all corners of this province have been telling me that they want. People want the opportunity to be heard and to tell the Liberals whether or not they want their hydro utility to be sold.

Ontarians have the right to have their say.

The Premier claims that she has been up-front and honest with the people of this province. But no matter what she says, she did not run on selling Hydro One in the last election.

In fact just a few short months ago, she stood in the Legislature and looked me – and the people of Ontario – in the eyes and said that she would not sell Hydro One.

Now she is cynically insisting that this was the plan all along.

Everywhere I’ve gone Ontarians have a clear and simple message for this Liberal government: Stop the sale of Hydro One.

But Kathleen Wynne’s arrogant and out-of-touch Liberals don’t believe that they need to listen to the people.

Ontarians are frustrated and angry that this Premier is stubbornly ignoring their voices.

Ontarians own Hydro One.

Ontarians deserve the opportunity to have their say on the sell-off of Hydro One.

New Democrats are going to give Ontarians that opportunity.

If the Premier truly believes that she has the support of the people of Ontario, then she should pass this bill, hold a referendum and let Ontarians finally be heard.


Andrea Horwath
Leader of Ontario’s New Democrats

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